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Widespread confusions in relativity dynamics have been epitomised by a classic misverdict in Smith’s 1965/1996 Introduction to Relativity (Dover, p.126): “ideas of momentum conservation fail …[the correct relationships] must be guessed”. The above 2005 and  2006 papers directly resolve this problem using an unprecedented elementary  approach—as graciously acknowledged (on reflection) by an EJP reviewer. 

Time travel lecture Dublin City University

  • Astronomy Ireland (2005)
    This website’s rocket time travel’s spherical geometry graphic was first outlined at this 2005 lecture. 

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The Real-metric spacetime own-surfaces paper’s Introduction section referred to the static gravitational field discussed by Einstein in his 1912 paper (reference [5]). Such a constant ‘background’ one-dimensional gravity field could be created by an infinite radius thin disk. Independently of its distance from the disk, as easily shown, any small object would be subject to a fixed acceleration = 2πGωalong the disk’s axis, being the universal gravitational constant, ω the disk’s mass density per unit volume and being the disk’s thickness—necessarily negligible compared with any object’s distance. Acceleration however is that with respect to the inertial reference frame of the disk itself which differs from any medium’s constituent’s own-[proper]acceleration α in a comoving frame. Accordingly, the paper’s homogeneously accelerating’ medium case is not fully equivalent to Einstein’s static field scenario.

Hence in the Introduction section’s 3rd paragraph, ‘replicates’ should read ‘approximately replicates’; four lines after equation (26) ‘idealised’ should read ‘approximately idealised’; and ‘exactly’ in the paper’s 5th last paragraph should be replaced by ‘approximated by’.

Nevertheless this does not reflect on the paper’s thesis, in particular its paradigm as the ‘simplest possible case’ visually embodying key properties of an accelerating extended medium’s real-metric manifold, and directly challenging general relativity literature’s endemically hypothesised geodesics.